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Available Certifications

 Purpose of Recertification
The purpose of recertification is to ensure BCSIs are maintaining competence in practice as they progress through their professional life. In keeping with the diversity of our profession and the creative people within it, many activities count towards recertification requirements.

Recertification Application Timing
All BCSIs who pass the Certification Exam for Structural IntegrationCM (CESICM) in 2019 through 2021 will recertify in November - December of 2023. BCSIs who are due to recertify in 2022 will move into the odd year by recertifying in November - December of 2023.

Recertification Requirements

CBSICM recognizes two categories of classes and activities as Continuing Education (CE) hours: SI-Specific and Elective. Each recertification application must include a total of at least 24 CE hours, with at least 12 SI-Specific CE hours. The remainder of the required 24 CE hours can be Elective or SI-Specific. The CE hours must have been completed after the applicant’s previous recertification or initial certification, whichever is most recent. Documentation of CE hours must be retained for three years, but submission of documentation is not required unless requested by CBSI. The rec

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